The Four Components of Mental Toughness

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The Four Components of Mental Toughness

Now as the weather gets a little colder, the days are darker, the beach and sun seems further it seems some more mental toughness is called upon to maintain consistency in your training, nutrition and recovery. Remember to focus on what you can control and don’t worry about the things beyond you. 3-4 solid training sessions, plus consistently good eating, sleeping and stretching will always work better than training to make up in other areas. Likewise, when time is short because the uni assignments hit, work gets crazy, other things come up and you can’t make the gym much- just eat well and sleep well and you’ll come back stronger.

Here are the four components of mental toughness from psychologist Robin Rosenberg:
1.”Control: a sense of control of yourself and what happens to you; that is, a sense of being able to shape your destiny rather than passively accepting events as fated.” (Rosenberg Toughness)
2. “Commitment: a strong sense of being committed to yourself and your work. That is, being fully involved in something, giving it your best shot.”(Ibid.)
3. “Challenge: a tendency to see life’s downs and obstacles and challenges to be met rather than as threats.” (Ibid.)
4. “Confidence: A belief in yourself and your ability to meet your goals.” (Ibid.)

Monday 30th April

Push Press 4×5
Front Squat 6×3

then 5 rounds for max reps:
30 seconds Hang Power Cleans 50/35kg
30 seconds rest
60 seconds Burpees
60 seconds rest

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